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The CRYOMEDIC system is a first-class, iceless cold therapy machine, that can be prescribed by your doctor in order to aid in quicker and more effective post-operative recovery. Our patient-driven therapy provides post-surgical care that is the safest alternative to traditional ice therapies and has also been shown to reduce the usage of pain medications. CRYOMEDIC utilizes Iceless Cold Compression Therapy (ICCT), which is the leading technology in blood clot prevention, pain management, inflammation reduction, range of motion and rapid recovery. 

Micro Z II - DC Stimulator for Rapid Pain Relief

The Micro-Z II (TM) is a small, lightweight stimulator that allows patients to receive electrotherapeutic treatment in comfort. It can be used quickly during waking hours or much longer night as a night time treatment while sleeping.   This device is used to treat chronic or acute injuries.  And, it's focus is to treat the SOURCE of pain by increasing blood circulation, range of motion  to reduce injury and soft tissue atrophy.